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If you’re looking for a more private environment to learn what ever you’d like, the 1:1 sessions are perfect for you.

They take place at Goodsheds on whatever date is convenient for you.

Timings are usually 11am-4pm and we can cover absolutely anything you’d like to focus on. Previous students have spent the day:

•Getting better at making hand tied bouquets

•Learning how to make all types of funeral work

•Had a go at all the different types of arches and installations there are, along with the mechanics behind them

•Tried a little of everything! From flower prep to bridal bouquets.

It’s also a great session if you’re a complete beginner and would like the ‘Cardiffs Flower School’ experience on a more private scale.

People have even booked them as a birthday celebration!

Click through to buy and we can work out the details afterwards, or drop me a message beforehand if you’d like more info.

Private 1:1 All Day Session

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